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Impact of European Union strategies and policies

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How do the European Strategies, Diversity and Inclusion Policies of large employers or the sources of financing directed to this field impact the Increase of the Integration Rate on the labor market of people with disabilities in Romania?

There are a number of concerns, projects, sources of funding, mechanisms and methodologies, good practices and other forms of intention to resolve this issue, in its general manifestation.

At the level of figures, however, the situation is unchanged or too little changed. Against the background of the evolutionary level of the Romanian society, a very low level in relation to other European states, the disadvantaged categories, which also include people with disabilities, feel this involution in an amplified form.

Specifically, the total change of the political regime in Romania, which is still migrating from a socialist model to a democratic one, has generated economic, social or professional micro-phenomena that take us away from the idea of social equity.

In fact, the equal right to personal evolution of individuals today translates into an individual obligation, which depends more on the involvement of each individual than on the development of public systems that ensure and confer such rights.

The main factor affecting these areas remains the same: The big difference between THEORIES and PRACTICES. Here are some examples:

– On paper, Public Institutions do not discriminate – in reality they do.
– On the sheet, the Management of Large Private Employers does not discriminate – in reality they do.
– On paper, those who obtain sources of funding to address these areas have a significant, considerable impact – in reality they DO NOT .
– Erection, hypocrisy and interest in profit seem to be the constants of these analyzes.

In a simplified language, people with disabilities must manage as best they can, as they know and in relation to the resources they have at a time T0.